Our History

OPIC (formerly PsychMetrics) has over 20 years’ experience providing assessment and development solutions for a variety of corporate organisations and this is outlined below:

  • Experience:  Over 30,000 assessments for purposes of selection and career development (including succession planning).  Highly experienced consultants (40+ years combined experience) with specific experience in interpreting occupationally based assessment data in relevant ways to organisations.  OPIC has delivered substantial consultant written reports that are tailored to industry, job and organisational requirements.

  • Professional Knowledge: OPIC’s foundation is in organisational psychology and understanding how behaviour translates to job and organisational success.  Our CEO, Peter Zarris, is the former National Chair, College of Organisational Psychology, Australian Psychological Society, as well as countless other leadership coaching organisations.  As such we are at the forefront of best practice in the area of Organisational Psychology and more importantly talent capability.

  • Testing Capability & Online Availability: Provision of face-to-face testing in all major cities and many regional centres across Australia.  OPIC also has online testing capability so can test any candidate anywhere in the world.

  • Test Availability: Access to thousands of tests and assessments. OPIC was given a grant from Austrade to develop an Australian online psychometrics instrument catalogue that details tests available in Australia with government funding and approval, giving OPIC access to latest instruments and best practices in the psychometric assessment field.  OPIC has access to a variety of tests of ability and can administer these in a number of ways, online, supervised and unsupervised.

  • Support for Candidates:  OPIC provides support to all candidates as part of the testing process.  This includes candidate briefings pre and post assessment, as well as afterhours support for online unsupervised testing.

  • Support for Clients:  OPIC provides debriefing to HR, Hiring Managers and Selection Panels on reports as required.

  • Development of OPIC Coach@work™: Being an innovative organisation OPIC has developed coach@work™, an integrated coaching solution that embeds high performance capabilities and business deliverables across your entire operation.  The OPIC coach@work™ methodology provides validated data and evidence that identifies gaps in the employee (coachee) capabilities then uses the coach@work™ report, specialised training and coaching resources to enable managers to develop their employees themselves through a coaching and development process.  With coach@work™, managers can do more than problem solve by utilising an evidence-based process to target and develop key capabilities that lead to high performance.  It gives the manager all of the tools necessary to make a coaching difference.

  • Leadership Development

  • Developing High Performing Teams