Ensure You Recruit the Best

The cost of a core recruitment hire or indeed an internal promotion or selection has been well documented, and depending on the role ranges between $30,000 and $120,000 in lost recruitment costs, productivity, and training should a poor hire be made.

Very few hires fail because the individual lacks the technical knowledge or the relevant training to undertake the role. Increasingly the need is for people to be able to be effective in complex organisations with multiple stakeholders. Yet most formal education and training focuses on the knowledge and skills and competencies which relate to the job. There is very little if any formal training around being able to apply this skill, knowledge, and competence in an effective manner.

OPIC’s Capability approach completes the recruitment process by examining candidates’ capacities to be effective within an organisation. By giving an organisation – at all levels – a keen insight into how people will approach a job and how they will apply these skills then one of the biggest risk factors can be eliminated.

OPIC has a number of levels of reporting depending on role level, but we’re always open to tailoring a solution for you.  Our current reporting levels are:

  1. Executives and Senior Leaders
  2. Senior Managers
  3. Managers and Professionals
  4. Support, Administrative and Operational roles
  5. Sales Roles or Customer Service Roles
  6. Graduate Recruitment