Develop Leaders

The concept of leadership has been the subject of much debate and endless streams of research.

The great challenge with leadership is defining what it is and why it’s important within an organisation.

When OPIC talks to its clients it understands that organisations, particularly large matrix structured organisations, have common needs. Those needs turn out to be highly correlated with much of the research which seeks to explain and identify the elements of a high performance organisation.

Commonly, organisations that can:

Implement an effective performance management process.

Create empowerment and authority.

Increase leadership capability at all levels.

Develop a customer-centric strategy

Increase communication and collaboration.

Enhance training, development, and coaching..

are far more likely to create and sustain high performance within them.

This leads to an obvious question: 

“What type of leaders could help us build these attributes?”

Rather than concerning itself around the semantics of leadership, OPIC concerns itself with the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to identify leaders that have the attributes and potential to create the elements of a high performance organisation?

  2. Can these be described within the common set of capabilities that allow a meaningful comparison of the capability and potential of candidates or existing staff members?

  3. How can these candidates both be identified and developed to be better future leaders?

This led to a number of research projects over the years which has led OPIC to its Executive Capability Framework.

The framework has been specifically named and conceptualised to break down and identify the common requirements of leadership roles and the attributes of leaders that are most likely to lead the high performance organisation.

This methodology has been utilised across all types of industries including:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Consulting firms
  • Banking and finance
  • Government
  • Environmental Services

Whilst the personal development and personal growth of all members of an organisation are critical, the pragmatic identification and development of future leaders is perhaps the most critical challenge facing organisations.

Furthermore, our detail research has not only developed a validated leadership framework, it has also confirmed that people leadership and influencing play a crucial role in this.

If you need either:

  1. A sound objective approach to help you select future leaders for leadership roles within the organisation, or;

  2. To understand the strengths and development needs of your current leaders against a sound, pragmatic leadership framework

Click here to get a copy of OPIC’s Executive Capability White Paper and contact us to help build future leaders within your organisation.