Over the decades that OPIC has been operating the research we have undertaken has highlighted some significant challenges using traditional approaches to the development of staff. Common concerns from Managers and HR included:

  1. Managers found it increasingly challenging to accurately identify gaps in their direct reports.

  2. In the instances where development gaps were identified, managers increasingly felt they were not appropriately able to develop these gaps.

  3. Training Managers to coach and develop staff was not deemed to be effective in the longer term as a sole solution. Managers were often not supported during the behavioural changes required to incorporate coaching into their broader management of staff.

  4. Managers often did not have the necessary training in the most effective methods to create a working environment that created a motivated team culture or how adults learned.

  5. Managers heavily relied on Performance reviews as the only method of providing feedback to staff on their work performance.

  6. Managers simply did not ask good questions of their staff when it came to development and coaching conversations with them.

Coach@work was developed in response to these ongoing concerns.

coach@work is a system and is a multi-faceted approach to addressing the most common issues around how Managers develop staff that are capable of meeting the increasingly challenging demands businesses face.

As such, OPIC plays a “hands on” role with your Managers for up to half a year to ensure they develop behaviours and strategies that will allow them to sustain their role as an enabler of capable and high performing team members.

The coach@work system is designed to assist Managers on their journey in incorporating proven practices to sustain high performance in their teams. It includes 3 Steps:

Step 1 – One Day Intensive Training, which covers:

  1. Creating a Coaching Culture
  2. OPIC Coaching Model
  3. One to One Coaching
  4. Coaching Practice using Case Studies
  5. Introduction to coach@work Insight reports using the OPIC coach@work Assessment Tool

Step 2 – Insights

The OPIC coach@work Assessment Tool is a tool specifically designed to help Managers enhance the coaching process for their staff.   Managers can select the top six from 19 Capabilities that are essential for staff to be effective within their current role. Some of the 19 Capabilities include Interacting, Influencing, Critical Thinking, Managing Self, Managing Risk, Driving Outcomes, Leading and Broader Thinking.

The selected six capabilities are then feed into an assessment tool which the staff member completes and a tailored report is generated. The manager is given a report which depicts staff member’s strengths and opportunities against selected role capabilities. It also provides the manager with specific coaching questions to coach the staff member on, along with actions and activities that the staff member can focus on which leads to a comprehensive developmental process.

Step 3 –2-6 months’ coaching with a coach@work expert coach (phone/skype coaching)

Each Individual Manager will have different needs and foci, but a typical coaching intervention will include support for the following:

  1. Prepare the team for a coaching culture.

  2. Providing feedback and insights into each individual team member’s strengths and development opportunities for their role.

  3. Interpreting coaching reports and to develop good questioning skills.

  4. Identify team strengths and gaps.

  5. Identifying broader strategies for each individual team member.


coach@work is designed to be your one stop shop coaching capability methodology.

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