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Building a Performance Culture

Location, Location, Location.  This oft used catch cry is meant to reflect that ultimately when making one of the most important purchases of your life (your home) that location is the primary consideration.  The catch cry is meant to remind us that at the end of the day without this key imperative you can easily lapse into a substandard purchase which becomes less than you hoped it was worth.

In an organisational context the similar catch cry should be Performance, Performance, Performance

Coaching Blog

Coaching: A Fad or the New Breakthrough?

Coaching clearly has reached high popularity status over the last 10 years as evidenced by the burgeoning number of coaches in Australia and indeed the growing number of organisations (for example the International Coaching Federation) that have sprung up and continued to grow.  

There has also been other significant advancements in coaching, such as the working party that put together the guidelines on coaching in organisations which were published some 2 years ago.